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Kitten Oil

Kitten Oil


Crafted from years of experience and lots of love, our sandalwood-based signature Kitten Oil is now available to order in 2oz bottles.

Aftercare for ropes: Wash in machine using a laundry bag to protect your ropes. Hang to dry, leaving light tension on the rope to prevent kinks.

Apply the oil as desired to replenish the scent.

Sandalwood has been highly valued in many cultures for thousands of years, from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as some of the earliest forms of perfumes and aromatics, to Buddhism and Hinduism in religion and rituals. One of the most expensive woods in the world, these slow-growing trees are now being produced in an environmentally friendly manner, sourced by sustainable practices.

Its distinctive, soft woody scent is similar to that of human pheromones making it a natural aphrodisiac. This promotes sensuality by relieving tension and increasing libido and sexual response. It subtly sends out erotic signals, enhancing the feeling of connection with your partner, while also invoking a calming and relaxing awareness.

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