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A Happy Kitten Has Plenty of Rope

Alex and I first started our rope bondage journey with one simple 15ft rope. We had won it at the opening of a cava bar and were so excited about this single piece of rope. We had been wanting to give rope bondage a shot but hadn't taken the steps to begin. Partially because we had no idea how to buy the proper rope and partially because we didn't know where to look. Most sex shops had plenty to choose from when it came to electronics but rope was different. On the way home, we immeadiately starting talking about all the things we had planned- places we could tie to, limbs we wanted to tie to other limbs. We knew nothing about rope but we had a passion and we figured that this was all we needed to get started. 

What we quickly found out, though, was that we were very wrong. 15ft of rope wasn't going to get us very far. 

A single piece of 15ft rope will do what is called a single column tie. A single column tie is a tie around one object or limb whether that be a post, a wrist, an ankle, etc. At most, a single 15ft rope can do a simple double column tie which is a tie that binds two things together like both wrists or both ankles. We had plans to attach rope to our bed. We wanted to make intricate ties along my torso. We wanted to tie my wrists to my ankles. 

All of these plans, obviously, could not be completed with one piece of rope. We needed more. 

Our need for more rope is what led us to Happy Kitten Rope. With Happy Kitten Rope, you can buy a starter pack which is basically the essentials to rope bondage beginnings. A starter pack comes with TWO 15ft rope and TWO 30ft rope. 30ft rope is where the real fun happens. 30ft rope is enough for those torso ties. We also found that we could use our 30ft rope to run underneath our bed mattress since we do not have a headboard to tie to. From there, we could attach the wrist to a 15ft and then the 15ft to the 30ft. 


With a starter pack, you can actually tie yourself to things which is really not an option with one 15ft rope. You can also do some suspension if you're into that.  

The truth is, though, you can never have enough rope. The more you start diving into the world of bondage, the more you'll realize that if you want to complete all those fun fantasies having extra rope around is important. We added two more 30ft to our collection and one more 15ft, and we are just beginners! 

If you, too, are just beginning, get yourself a starter pack. Don't be disappointed like us. Have enough rope to do those ideas I know you are already thinking about because, guaranteed, you're going to need more anyway. At least with a starter pack, though, you can have fun starting out your rope bondage journey. 


Happy Rope Bonding, kinksters!   



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