Happy Kitten Rope


Learning the Ropes




This is me and my girlfriend. I'm the one on the left. She's the sexy thing on the right. And we like ropes. We like them a lot. 

It didn't start out like that. In fact, we didn't know much about rope play really, but we like sex. Which I guess is where I should begin if you really want to know why we decided to get involved in learning the ropes (see what I did there).  

I grew up in South Mississippi. I come from a fairly conservative family who stems from an ultra conservative family and their parents grew up in the Catholic church and although sex was never shamed in my home, I was aware that it was not okay to speak about it to many people in my hometown. Sex was for a married couple. Specifically a male and female. Probably pretty vanilla, too. Missionary position and vaginal penetration that would hopefully result in a baby. That was what sex was supposed to be. That was not what sex turned into for me. Hallelujah. 

I don't know why, but I've always been a sexual creature. After a breakup with my high school boyfriend, I started spreading myself around. Those actions came with derogatory terms such as Slut, Skank, and my personal favorite Hussy. So I really had to come to terms with how I felt about those words and if I thought I was truly doing anything wrong. I concluded, I wasn't. I wasn't hurting anyone and America’s obsession with purity became frightening rather than moral so I dropped my judgment on sex and decided to have fun. Oh, and I had fun. 

If you have an open mind about sexuality, it's easy to start down a strange rabbit hole. You begin switching up the positions. Maybe experimenting with anal. Maybe a little role play. You start to learn what you don't like and what you do like and when you find something that really gets your gears grinding, you realize that giving most stuff a shot is worth it- however weird it may seemingly seem. 

I had heard about Shibari (the art of rope bondage) from diving into a little bit of the BDSM world. BDSM is an acronym that refers to BONDAGE and DISCIPLINE consisting of using physical or psychological restraints, DOMINATION and SUBMISSION involving an exchange of power and control, and SADISM and MASOCHISM referring to taking pleasure in others' or one's own pain or humiliation. I got into BDSM when a guy I was fucking started ordering me around during sex. He also called me dirty names. The same names that were used against me.  In the bedroom, though, they took on a much different meaning, and I liked it. Honestly, I ate that shit up and I wanted more. I wanted so much more. 

When I met my girlfriend, it took us a minute to find our groove with sex. I feel like this happens with every new partner, and we felt a little directionless on where to go. So we just got experimental. I revealed what I knew I liked during sex, what kinks made me wet, and she was willing to give things a try. Whatever that may be. 

What we found is that she really liked being in control, and, well, I… 

I liked being as helpless as I could possible be (consensually, of course). 

Sometime in June, we were invited to the opening of Uxi Duxi in New Orleans. As door prizes, they were giving out sex toys. My girlfriend and I  prayed that we would win. We had been having a lot of fun with our new experiences and were ready for even more new things.  The universe blessed us and we won something. Not the toys but we bargained with the other winners and traded what we had for just one thing- their 15ft Happy Kitten Rope. We knew nothing about rope, but Alex (my girlfriend) had been complaining about my squirming during sex. There were times she wanted me to be immobile and that just wasn't going to happen when she was bringing me to orgasm. I’m a vocal, expressive girl. Staying still is not my strong suit. So the thought of binding me down appealed to her and the thought of being helpless to her appealed to me. 

15ft of rope, though, is not much. It's enough to tie some wrists together. Maybe the ankles, too. It's not enough to do all the many things we had planned. We fell in love with Happy Kitten Rope, though. Infused with sandalwood and jojoba oil, the smell it leaves on your skin is intoxicating. We got lost in trying to tie knots, and ecstatic when we could accomplish one. We fell in love with ropes, and we wanted more. 

It was then that we sought out the owner of Happy Kitten Rope and it's from that crazy turn of events, that I am now, right here, writing to all of you. 

Alex and I have been given the opportunity to share our journey with you into the wonderful art of rope bondage. Technically, we are as new as you can be. We hope that what we learn here can get you excited to give it a shot, or to at the very least challenge your views on what you think rope bondage is and what it can be.  

Maybe, we can just turn you on. We are all for that, too. 

Whatever the case may be, we hope you follow us as we progress in the world of rope and if you decide to follow this journey, too, you know where to start. 

Come get some rope. Open your minds and be prepared for an interesting journey. 

All my love,  


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