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Happy Kitten Rope went to DOM CON, and it was kink heaven. This was my first ever dominatrix convention, and I had no idea what to expect. For those of you who are also virgins, DOM CON is an event hosted by Mistress Cyan who hopes to bring better understanding to the BDSM community. DOM CON has classes for both the professional and nonprofessional community. There are parties and live BDSM performances. There is also an exhibit hall with a ton of vendors which is where you would have found Happy Kitten Rope and is where I spent most of my time. 



The great thing about the BDSM community is there is absolutely no judgment. I met so many kinksters all into different things who listened to your fetishes and questions with open minds and understanding hearts. I met people who handmade leather cuffs and flogs using their own materials. I learned how to use a whip for the first time- how to make that sound which cuts through the air. The cool thing about whips is you'd never want to hit someone with one. Whips are to play with your mind. My favorite aspects of BDSM use this characteristic- the power play that bounces back and forth through consensual manipulation. It is fear that feels good. Fear that leads to pleasure. 



Electricity is also becoming largely popular in toys. There are electro toys such as wands that give off electrical frequencies and then there are toys that use electricity to contract muscles and stimulate nerves. One toy even allowed your entire body to work as a conductor. Your entire body then gives off little electrical frequencies. I wasn't a fan of these electro toys, but the ones that contracted muscles were a completely different story. Orgasms, as most know, are just muscle contractions, and to feel those little spasms everywhere in your body was completely amazing. 



People have different preferences on most toys, but the truth remains that there is one thing almost everyone can agree on- ROPES. EVERYBODY LOVES ROPES. As we visited the other vendors, most of them stopped by to pick up some rope. There was a consensual agreement that you can never have enough rope, and it's true. Once you start playing with rope, there's always a need for more. Rope is classic, too. Although many things can be used for bondage, rope is the beginning. Plus, who doesn't love the pretty marks it leaves on your skin? There's a visual pleasing aspect to rope that even nonkinksters can appreciate. 


DOM CON was what I wanted the world to be like everyday. I left feeling high and the next day already missing the people I had met. Thankfully, conventions like this happen all the time. 

But if you missed this DOM CON, you're in luck. There will be another one in Los Angeles, and you know who will be there? Us, of course! Because what it BDSM without bondage? What is bondage without rope? 

Happy Kitten Rope hopes to see you there!  

All my love,  


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