Happy Kitten Rope


Happy Kitten at Naughty in N'awlins

The cats and kittens here at Happy Kitten Rope recently attended the Naughty in N’awlins convention presented by French Connection Events. Naughty in N’awlins, or NiN, is an annual lifestyle/swinger convention held in New Orleans. With over 2,000 in attendance, this is the most popular swinger event in the country. Couples enjoy live entertainment, parties, socials, seminars, hands-on classes, playrooms, and more.

We were pleasantly surprised that love for kink is both present and in abundance amongst swingers. Kink isn’t the taboo it used to be.  It was clear at this convention that kink and BDSM is showing up in the sex lives of all sorts of people, from the eccentric to the everyman. This year NiN had several classes involving bdsm in their extensive lineup. Classes like Practical Bondage and Kink for Fucking, Beginner Flogging, and Decorative Bondage.

Happy Kitten Rope also presented a class on Rope Bondage for Beginners. We were so pleased to have over 40 people attend our class and learn some safety guidelines, tips, and how to tie 3 basic knots. People were so excited to learn and we think that most attendees actually took some skills home with them. We were fortunate to sell some Happy Kitten Rope during the convention as well as spread the gospel of bondage rope for everyone, kink for all.

-Happy Kitten