Happy Kitten Rope went to DOM CON, and it was kink heaven. This was my first ever dominatrix convention, and I had no idea what to expect. For those of you who are also virgins, DOM CON is an event hosted by Mistress Cyan who hopes to bring better understanding to the BDSM community. DOM CON has classes for both the professional and nonprofessional community. There are parties and live BDSM performances. There is also an exhibit hall with a ton of vendors which is where you would have found Happy Kitten Rope and is where I spent most of my time. 



The great thing about the BDSM community is there is absolutely no judgment. I met so many kinksters all into different things who listened to your fetishes and questions with open minds and understanding hearts. I met people who handmade leather cuffs and flogs using their own materials. I learned how to use a whip for the first time- how to make that sound which cuts through the air. The cool thing about whips is you'd never want to hit someone with one. Whips are to play with your mind. My favorite aspects of BDSM use this characteristic- the power play that bounces back and forth through consensual manipulation. It is fear that feels good. Fear that leads to pleasure. 



Electricity is also becoming largely popular in toys. There are electro toys such as wands that give off electrical frequencies and then there are toys that use electricity to contract muscles and stimulate nerves. One toy even allowed your entire body to work as a conductor. Your entire body then gives off little electrical frequencies. I wasn't a fan of these electro toys, but the ones that contracted muscles were a completely different story. Orgasms, as most know, are just muscle contractions, and to feel those little spasms everywhere in your body was completely amazing. 



People have different preferences on most toys, but the truth remains that there is one thing almost everyone can agree on- ROPES. EVERYBODY LOVES ROPES. As we visited the other vendors, most of them stopped by to pick up some rope. There was a consensual agreement that you can never have enough rope, and it's true. Once you start playing with rope, there's always a need for more. Rope is classic, too. Although many things can be used for bondage, rope is the beginning. Plus, who doesn't love the pretty marks it leaves on your skin? There's a visual pleasing aspect to rope that even nonkinksters can appreciate. 


DOM CON was what I wanted the world to be like everyday. I left feeling high and the next day already missing the people I had met. Thankfully, conventions like this happen all the time. 

But if you missed this DOM CON, you're in luck. There will be another one in Los Angeles, and you know who will be there? Us, of course! Because what it BDSM without bondage? What is bondage without rope? 

Happy Kitten Rope hopes to see you there!  

All my love,  



Learning the Ropes




This is me and my girlfriend. I'm the one on the left. She's the sexy thing on the right. And we like ropes. We like them a lot. 

It didn't start out like that. In fact, we didn't know much about rope play really, but we like sex. Which I guess is where I should begin if you really want to know why we decided to get involved in learning the ropes (see what I did there).  

I grew up in South Mississippi. I come from a fairly conservative family who stems from an ultra conservative family and their parents grew up in the Catholic church and although sex was never shamed in my home, I was aware that it was not okay to speak about it to many people in my hometown. Sex was for a married couple. Specifically a male and female. Probably pretty vanilla, too. Missionary position and vaginal penetration that would hopefully result in a baby. That was what sex was supposed to be. That was not what sex turned into for me. Hallelujah. 

I don't know why, but I've always been a sexual creature. After a breakup with my high school boyfriend, I started spreading myself around. Those actions came with derogatory terms such as Slut, Skank, and my personal favorite Hussy. So I really had to come to terms with how I felt about those words and if I thought I was truly doing anything wrong. I concluded, I wasn't. I wasn't hurting anyone and America’s obsession with purity became frightening rather than moral so I dropped my judgment on sex and decided to have fun. Oh, and I had fun. 

If you have an open mind about sexuality, it's easy to start down a strange rabbit hole. You begin switching up the positions. Maybe experimenting with anal. Maybe a little role play. You start to learn what you don't like and what you do like and when you find something that really gets your gears grinding, you realize that giving most stuff a shot is worth it- however weird it may seemingly seem. 

I had heard about Shibari (the art of rope bondage) from diving into a little bit of the BDSM world. BDSM is an acronym that refers to BONDAGE and DISCIPLINE consisting of using physical or psychological restraints, DOMINATION and SUBMISSION involving an exchange of power and control, and SADISM and MASOCHISM referring to taking pleasure in others' or one's own pain or humiliation. I got into BDSM when a guy I was fucking started ordering me around during sex. He also called me dirty names. The same names that were used against me.  In the bedroom, though, they took on a much different meaning, and I liked it. Honestly, I ate that shit up and I wanted more. I wanted so much more. 

When I met my girlfriend, it took us a minute to find our groove with sex. I feel like this happens with every new partner, and we felt a little directionless on where to go. So we just got experimental. I revealed what I knew I liked during sex, what kinks made me wet, and she was willing to give things a try. Whatever that may be. 

What we found is that she really liked being in control, and, well, I… 

I liked being as helpless as I could possible be (consensually, of course). 

Sometime in June, we were invited to the opening of Uxi Duxi in New Orleans. As door prizes, they were giving out sex toys. My girlfriend and I  prayed that we would win. We had been having a lot of fun with our new experiences and were ready for even more new things.  The universe blessed us and we won something. Not the toys but we bargained with the other winners and traded what we had for just one thing- their 15ft Happy Kitten Rope. We knew nothing about rope, but Alex (my girlfriend) had been complaining about my squirming during sex. There were times she wanted me to be immobile and that just wasn't going to happen when she was bringing me to orgasm. I’m a vocal, expressive girl. Staying still is not my strong suit. So the thought of binding me down appealed to her and the thought of being helpless to her appealed to me. 

15ft of rope, though, is not much. It's enough to tie some wrists together. Maybe the ankles, too. It's not enough to do all the many things we had planned. We fell in love with Happy Kitten Rope, though. Infused with sandalwood and jojoba oil, the smell it leaves on your skin is intoxicating. We got lost in trying to tie knots, and ecstatic when we could accomplish one. We fell in love with ropes, and we wanted more. 

It was then that we sought out the owner of Happy Kitten Rope and it's from that crazy turn of events, that I am now, right here, writing to all of you. 

Alex and I have been given the opportunity to share our journey with you into the wonderful art of rope bondage. Technically, we are as new as you can be. We hope that what we learn here can get you excited to give it a shot, or to at the very least challenge your views on what you think rope bondage is and what it can be.  

Maybe, we can just turn you on. We are all for that, too. 

Whatever the case may be, we hope you follow us as we progress in the world of rope and if you decide to follow this journey, too, you know where to start. 

Come get some rope. Open your minds and be prepared for an interesting journey. 

All my love,  


New ropes, new photos. See my Toys.

We recently added to our inventory purple, blue and red jute as well as purple and blue hemp. 

In celebration of the new colors we have been doing shoots with the new rope and we are in love with the results. 

My Toys.

Happy Kitten is Cruising to the Caribbean!

We are so excited about our upcoming trip to the Caribbean! Happy Kitten is going on the Couples Cruise Eastern Caribbean Full Ship Clothing Optional Charter aboard the luxurious MSC Divina. Couples Cruise is proud to be the largest full ship, adults only, alternative lifestyle cruise in the world.  We will be visiting St. Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. The MSC Divina is absolutely the pinnacle of luxury cruise liners. It has over 1,700 cabins, 4 pools, 12 whirlpools, a Broadway style theatre, multiple dining rooms, specialty restaurants, a disco, jazz club, sports bar, entertainment, play rooms, and so much more. And our favorite part is the clothing optional pool decks. We love to be naked, plus no tan lines! 

Not only will Happy Kitten be enjoying the fabulous cruise and soaking up some rays when we dock in the Caribbean, we will also be teaching classes. Happy Kitten Rope is pleased to be joining several other vendors, performers, and specialists that will be on the cruise helping passengers to have an amazing, sexy time on this lifestyle cruise. Our courses will include basic bondage class and a level 2 basic bondage class. We will be discussing the art of bondage including rope choices, safety, and aftercare. We will also be demonstrating various scenarios and teaching how to do several basic ties. It's gonna be a blast!

If you'd like more information on Couples Cruise or if you'd like to join us on the cruise in
April, click here. 

Happy Kitten Customer Spotlight

We are so pleased to feature photos of our Happy Kitten Rope in action from Rheb. Rheb now uses Happy Kitten Rope as his signature rope! We are so honored. He and his kittens love the smell of our rope and he is looking forward to our fragrant conditioning oil becoming available for purchase in the next few weeks.  And if you have pics of Happy Kitten Rope in use that you'd love to share, let us know, we'd love to feature them.

Rheb is being suspended by our jute rope. Lookin' good, sir!   Disclaimer: While this looks super amazing, we advise that you do not attempt suspension without proper supervision and/or training. 

Rheb is being suspended by our jute rope. Lookin' good, sir!   Disclaimer: While this looks super amazing, we advise that you do not attempt suspension without proper supervision and/or training. 

"Thanks for the amazing rope!" -Rheb

"Thanks for the amazing rope!" -Rheb

Happy Kitten Rope Debuts at Dynamo

Happy Kitten Rope is pleased to announce that our rope is now being sold at Dynamo Toys & Supplies, an adult boutique located in New Orleans, LA.  Dynamo is an independently owned, female run store that is female friendly. Dynamo advocates happy and healthy sexuality through education, community outreach, and high quality, body-safe products. While Dynamo is geared towards females,  they welcome everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, and they always provide a comfortable, friendly, and stress-free shopping environment. Dynamo features a wide range of products including vibrators, condoms, anal toys, kegel exercisers, bdsm gear including Happy Kitten Rope, and lots more! Check out their website now or drop by if you are in the New Orleans area. Thanks, Dynamo!



Busting BDSM Myths

If you are new to the BDSM scene, you may have been introduced to it via pop culture or pornography. While books and movies like Fifty Shades of Grey or adult entertainment websites like can be super hot, they aren’t necessarily an accurate representation of safe and communicative BDSM play and have perpetuated some myths about BDSM. It would be wonderful if a dom could just waltz in and know everything we like, exactly how to torture and please us, all culminating seamlessly in throws of passionate orgasms. Or on the flip side, having a wanton sex slave catering to our every demand, no questions asked. Unfortunately, as we all know, this is fiction, a fantasy, something to get us stimulated. We are certainly capable of having just as sexy of a time as our favorite characters, even better, it just takes some education, communication, and practice.

Here is a list of a few common myths about BDSM and our efforts to explain the real deal.

Myth #1 - People who enjoy BDSM are mentally unstable, abusive, or have low self esteem.

Unfortunately, there is not an abundance of scientific studies out there that can give us accurate and specific findings on the mental faculties of BDSM participants. Hopefully, with the rising interest in BDSM, there will be more scientific research devoted to it.  However, we did find a recent study conducted by Dutch psychologist Dr Andreas Wismeijer which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This study found that participants in BDSM are no more mentally troubled than the general population. In fact, they had better scores on various personality and psychological tests as compared to those who did not engage in BDSM. They were also found to be less neurotic, more extroverted, and have higher levels of happiness.

In my personal experience in the BDSM community, most people I encounter are well-rounded, intelligent, successful, and kind people. I found that the common myth that doms are abusive and subs have low self esteem is very false and that the truth is quite the opposite. Most doms are very sensitive and caring individuals. They have to be as this is what makes them a good dom. Their pleasure comes from the fact they are giving their partners’ pleasure by being in the dominant role. As far as submissives go, I’ve found that most are extremely confident, assertive, and outgoing individuals. A lot of submissives use that role to escape a life of having to be in charge all the time in situations like being a high-power boss, a parent, or the dominant personality in other relationships. But of course, there are always exceptions and bad eggs to avoid, as with all facets of life.

So, if you are or your partner have an attraction to BDSM, it doesn’t mean there is something “wrong” with you. It can be a perfectly healthy form of sexual expression.

Myth #2- You have to have a red room of pain.

To effectively perform BDSM, you don’t need a dungeon, a gimp suit, an arsenal of leather implements of pain, or a St. Andrew’s cross. While all of these can be awesome, they aren’t necessary for an intense, fulfilling experience. As long as you have a space you feel comfortable in, you’ve got it made. With some Happy Kitten Rope and just simply tying your kitten up to the posts of your bed, you’re ready for some helpless kitten fun.  Also, plenty of household items can be implemented in your play. Use saran wrap as another form of bondage, clothespins as nipple clamps, wooden spoons as paddles, or a men’s tie as a blindfold. Just be resourceful and use your imagination and you don’t have to break the bank to have some BDSM fun.

Myth #3 - BDSM is  24/7.

There are some BDSM participants who do keep up a dom/sub dynamic all the time. However, this is a specific, experienced type of kink and it is not as common as people who like to participate in BDSM activities but not assume the roll 24/7. We assume that most of our audience is the latter. So, what we want to dissuade is people carrying on the role outside of the bedroom when it is not consensual or previously agreed upon. For example, you and your kitten may have had a night of consensual, awesome, dom/sub play. But the next day during breakfast, you think it’s okay to bark orders at your partner or dole out some physical pain. It was hot last night, right? Well, unless previously agreed upon, just bringing out the dom behavior anytime you want is a violation of trust and consent. Even with the best intentions, it can still be bad news and borders on abusive. So in the beginning, just be sure you’ve worked out when and where it’s acceptable to assume these roles.

Myth #4 - Men are Dominant. Women are Submissive.

Wrong! So wrong! I think this common myth is so strongly enforced in pop culture, porn, and societal norms. Don’t think you have to adhere to this. What’s wrong with a woman wanting to be in control? Or a man wanting to relinquish it? When exploring BDSM, you might want to try both roles on, see what fits. And who says you have to stick with one or the other? Switch it up sometimes. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy the other side.

Myth #5 - BDSM is all about sex.

Often BDSM acts as foreplay or the framework for an entire sexual encounter. However, for some people, sex is not involved at all during a BDSM scene. While it may be erotically stimulating, the physical act of sex is not the ultimate goal. For some, the enjoyment of BDSM comes from the mental or psychological aspect. For others, just the non-sexual physical acts of pain, like giving/ receiving spankings or beatings, is all that they desire. If you attend a BDSM group function, you will find a lot of participants exploring BDSM with each other, yet sex is not a part of it.

Myth #6 - “I am the Master and you are my slave.”

BDSM is an acronym for bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism. While most of these activities go hand in hand, keep in mind that not every BDSM activity has to involve a dominant/submissive dynamic. You and your partner might just like the bondage part of BDSM, the use of a blindfold or gag, or dressing up in fetish wear. These type of activities do not  necessarily need someone assuming a dom mentality that may involve disciplining, punishment, etc. Bondage can be a sensual activity and while there is still an exchange of power (as one person is physically restrained, the other is not), you and your partner can still be your normal sexy selves, engaging in some kinky rope play.  It can be viewed as just another fun activity, like vibrators or cock rings, to spice up your normal sex life. The point is to make it your own, what you enjoy, even if it is just the B out of BDSM. Or go balls to the wall and play full on marauding Master and obedient slave. Just don’t force a scene that doesn’t feel natural or enjoyable to you and don’t worry about what BDSM is “supposed to be.”

Myth #7 - If you are into kink, that means all your sex is kinky.

Some people do incorporate kink into sex every time they engage in it. However, this does not mean this is what is “normal” or expected or that you can’t have good sex without it being kinky. Also, kink is a very loose and relative term. Some people think that kink means whips, chains, and the like while others consider the line of kink to be a unique sexual position or anal play. It all just depends. Personally, since I’ve incorporated BDSM into my life, I find I enjoy “vanilla” sex more than I did before I started. After exploring the intimacies, deep communication, and multi-faceted levels of pleasure involved in BDSM, I was able to enjoy other forms of sex so much more. I knew more about myself and was more confident in fulfilling all my sexual desires.

If you feel there is something we can add to this list, have any questions, or simply would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Play safe and have fun, cats and kittens!

-Happy Kitten








Happy Kitten Rope's Bondage Tutorials

Here at Happy Kitten Rope, we take pride in offering quality jute and hemp rope at an affordable price. But we are also super excited to offer bondage tutorial videos on our website. Learn about how to tie some basic knots, rope safety, and some bondage play basics. These classes are taught by professional sex-educator Kenneth Play and expert rigger Greg App. Our videos are not only informative but fun, entertaining, and sexy, too. Check them out now and put some of these tips and techniques to use and you and your kitten are in for a smokin' hot time. Get your learn on here.

Seeing Red! Happy Kitten Photo Shoot

We recently started carrying high quality hand-conditioned hemp rope that has been dyed inferno red. Such a bright, enticing, and sexy color, especially against bare skin.  We decided to gather some fabulously chic cats and kittens at a gorgeous location to be photographed modeling our new wares. Please enjoy the results. Meow! 

Avoiding Bondage Injuries

Rope bondage can be a perfectly safe and healthy form of play. However, we always want to take the necessary steps to make sure no accidents happen. When tying up your kitten, there are certain body parts that are near important nerves and arteries that you want to avoid. A common injury in rope bondage is nerve damage. Warning signs of nerve damage may include pain, weakness, numbness, or a tingly feeling in the parts that are bound or linked to being bound. For example, even if my upper arm is what is restrained, I might start getting numb or tingly in my fingers if there is a problem. So, be sure to check in often with your kitten to see how they and their relative parts are feeling. Nerve damage can last a few hours, days, weeks, or in extreme cases it can be permanent. It can include numbness, weakness, pain, or even partial to complete paralysis in the affected areas.

Probably the most common nerve that can be affected in bondage is the radial nerve which is located on the upper arm at the bottom of the deltoid. It is not to say you can’t tie up your kitten on the upper arms, just be careful to avoid putting tensioned rope on this area. Other areas to avoid are knees, elbows, armpits, groin, and neck. These are all locations that vital nerves, arteries, or veins are located close to the skin’s surface. For beginners, something you may want to include in your bdsm research is some basic human anatomy.

Sometimes numbness or tingling sensation can occur simply due to decreased circulation. When a body part “falls asleep.” This can also cause nerve damage but it usually takes an extended period of time for this to occur. So, you might say, well if it’s just my hands falling asleep from being in a certain position, what’s the big deal? It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you have any sort of discomfort, other than the sexy kind, it is best to get out of the restraints. Or at the very least, have them loosened or repositioned until the feeling is normal again.

I myself have had an experience where I thought my hands had just “fallen asleep,” as I’ve experienced that before.The cat tying me was very attentive and constantly checked in. When I mentioned the tingly feeling, he repositioned my hands and the feeling began to return. It wasn’t til hours later that I noticed a strange stiffness in my thumb. I believe I had slightly damaged my radial nerve but after about a week, it went back to normal. Not a big deal, but had I not said anything when I did, it may have been worse. It just goes to show that even when you think everything is alright, shit happens. So, it is always best to err on the side of caution, especially for beginners. And Kittens, never be afraid to speak up! Your health and well being are top priority! And don’t forget to keep safety shears handy in case you need immediate release.

Another way injury can occur is falling. When doing rope bondage, make sure the kitten is not in a position where they could easily fall and not be able to catch themselves. Also, never leave someone who is bound alone.

We here at Happy Kitten Rope are offering a starting place for further research and hopefully some helpful suggestions. We rely on you to use your best judgement. If you’d like more detailed information or if injuries occur, please consult a medical professional.

-Happy Kitten

What is Aftercare?

So, you’ve had a rompous, exciting, and very intense bdsm session. Now, it may be time for aftercare. Aftercare is just as an important part of your bdsm negotiations as determining limits and establishing safety words. Some people claim to need no aftercare, while others need a lot. Personally, I've found that sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. My aftercare may include just grabbing a burger somewhere and chatting, while other times it consists of dreamy lovemaking along with lots of cuddles and kisses. It just depends on how intense and how invested I am in the play.

So, what exactly is aftercare?

Aftercare is whatever you need to do to feel “normal” again after practicing bdsm.  A period for your mind and body to recover. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?  But during a bdsm scene, even involving simple rope play, one’s mind, body, and spirit can be intensely affected. During a bdsm scene, mixed emotions, physical exertion, and a rush of various neural chemicals can occur.  Adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphins can be pumping at high volumes during your play, but afterwards these levels will start to return to normal. This can leave you with a “dropped” feeling. Think about how you feel a few minutes after getting off of a rollercoaster or after you’ve experienced a car accident. That blah feeling that can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed, dizzy, anxious, or nauseous. In addition, due to the amounts of energy you are using during the scene, your blood sugar can also drop. Aftercare is meant to counteract these feelings. Aftercare is also a good time to reinforce emotional connections with a romantic partner or even feelings of well-being to a casual partner.

Some items and activities for aftercare may include:

  • water
  • favorite snacks
  • sugary drinks like fruit juice
  • chocolate!
  • wrap up in a blanket
  • lying down
  • hugs
  • verbal affirmations
  • discuss the scene
  • thank each other
  • a massage
  • ice pack or heating pad
  • relaxing music 
  • complete quiet or isolation
  • a warm bath
  • sex or affection if that applies to your partner

These are of course just a few examples. Find out whatever works for you and your partner. Keep in mind that aftercare can be applicable to Cats (Top/Dom) as well as kittens (Sub/Bottom). And while it is the Cat’s responsibility to insure the kitten has sufficient aftercare, be sure the Cat has a plan to get their aftercare needs met. And finally, it’s good to have everything you need for aftercare on hand before play starts. That way after play is over, no one has to leave the area and aftercare can begin immediately. Have fun, play safe, and stay kinky!

-Happy Kitten



Happy Kitten at Naughty in N'awlins

The cats and kittens here at Happy Kitten Rope recently attended the Naughty in N’awlins convention presented by French Connection Events. Naughty in N’awlins, or NiN, is an annual lifestyle/swinger convention held in New Orleans. With over 2,000 in attendance, this is the most popular swinger event in the country. Couples enjoy live entertainment, parties, socials, seminars, hands-on classes, playrooms, and more.

We were pleasantly surprised that love for kink is both present and in abundance amongst swingers. Kink isn’t the taboo it used to be.  It was clear at this convention that kink and BDSM is showing up in the sex lives of all sorts of people, from the eccentric to the everyman. This year NiN had several classes involving bdsm in their extensive lineup. Classes like Practical Bondage and Kink for Fucking, Beginner Flogging, and Decorative Bondage.

Happy Kitten Rope also presented a class on Rope Bondage for Beginners. We were so pleased to have over 40 people attend our class and learn some safety guidelines, tips, and how to tie 3 basic knots. People were so excited to learn and we think that most attendees actually took some skills home with them. We were fortunate to sell some Happy Kitten Rope during the convention as well as spread the gospel of bondage rope for everyone, kink for all.

-Happy Kitten


"All tied up. Now what?" Suggestions for Beginner Doms

So, it may be that bondage is the only thing that interests you and your kitten.  Kitten simply likes to be tied up for traditional foreplay and intercourse. Which, believe me, can be a whole lotta fun. But for those who want to explore beyond just bondage and into more BDSM activities, here are some ideas on where to start.

So, first things first. Discussion time. You and your partner need to set the boundaries and establish a safe word and anything else you deem necessary to have a fun, safe, and sexy experience. You can discuss soft limits, hard limits, likes, “don’t” likes, loves, hates. You can even use a checklist, to indicate interest level on different activities,  Modify the list to your needs or even make your own.


After you've discussed limits and established your safe words, now it’s time for some fun! So, kitten’s all tied up. Now what?

Sensory Deprivation
The most basic and easy type of sensory deprivation is blindfolding, especially when used during sensation play. Every touch, sound, and sensation is heightened when you take away kitten’s sight. Not knowing what exactly is making these sensations and when and where they will be used leaves kitten in a constant state of arousal. One aspect of blindfolding that I particularly like is that pivotal moment when the blindfold is removed, like right in the middle of sex as I am approaching orgasm. The sudden bestowal of sight and reorientation to my environment makes my climax that much more intense. If kitten likes blindfolding, next time you might move on to other types of sensory deprivation such as ear plugs/headphones and gags.

Sensation Play
There are a variety of things you can use to tease and taunt your kitten. The effect of different sensations on the skin combined with being bound can be very stimulating. Good old fashioned tickling can be a great form of light “torture.” As well as some light biting on key spots. Tools can also be used for sensation play, like brushes. Use a toothbrush across the skin and then a softer brush, like a makeup or paint brush, for contrasting sensations. Ice is another fun tool. Run a cube of ice over nipples, down the stomach, and beyond. Put it in your mouth for chilly kisses across the body. Feathers, fur, silk, leather are also fun textures. Use your imagination. And don’t forget, blindfolds can make sensation play that much more fun.

While these may fall under sensation play, I wanted to give them a special spotlight. Clothespins are a fun little toy and a great way to explore kitten’s reaction to pain without it being too serious. The most obvious place for clothespins is of course the nipple. But they can also be placed on other body parts like the arms, thighs, and if your female kitten is feeling extra frisky, the labia. If you choose to do nipples, for beginners it’s best to clamp well beneath the nipple with a little bit of areola. This puts less pressure on the nipple itself and allows it to be free for other stimulation. The thing about clothespins is that they don’t actually feel like much when they are attached. It produces a nice sensation similar to having your nipples pinched by fingers. The real fun is when the clothespins come off and blood rushes back to the area that had been clamped. This produces a slightly painful, yet powerful and intense sensation. Keep in mind that the longer the clothespin stays on, the more intense the sensation will be when removed. So, at first it’s best to keep them on for a short time, a couple minutes at most. Then you can work your way up and possibly explore similar but a little more advanced devices such as nipple clamps.

Light Spanking
Even if your kitten is not into pain, some light spanking can still be exhilarating and hot. And you don’t actually have to “hurt” the kitten. Bare handed is probably best for light spanking as you have more control and feel for how much force you are using. Choose fleshy parts of the body like buttocks and thighs. If you’d like to try a little harder impact, try a paddle or back of a large hairbrush. For a more stingy sensation, try a wooden spoon.

These are all of course just some starter ideas for you to build on. The possibilities are endless. Don’t feel you have to fit all kitten’s fantasies and interests into one session. Take your time. See what works. And of course, keep communicating! Don’t forget your safe words and be sure to implement aftercare. Talk about what worked and how you and your kitten can elaborate on that activity. Discuss things that maybe didn’t work so well and how to fix or nix it. For more tips and ideas, check out our Sites We Like section. And as always, don’t hesitate to message us with any questions or comments!

-Happy Kitten